Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March 29, 2011 - Day 2

House rules....no pics of kids on the blog site. Grown up are ok, if they allow me to post their pics.  I spent a long time taking pictures of kids today and fiddling with settings on the camera. Today was really different from yesterday.....I spent a lot of time in strange light. Bright outside, dark inside the restaurant. I played with a lot of settings and didn't make a lot of headway. Need to really figure out the on board flash.....don't like it and need to find out some info on a "real" flash unit. I felt like I was blinding the little ones and couldn't see them when it was off. So I went to a still life.....beer.

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  1. mmmmmmmmmm.....beer, I mean I like how the light hits the beer....mmmmmmm beer